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Standard Definition

Video duplication, the technology that launched ADS and gave it an industry-best rating, remains a core service to our customers, even as we grow and expand. Our breadth of services include Standard Definition (SD) linear and non-linear Final Cut Pro® editing, SD duplication, SD standards conversion, SD closed captioning, SD electronic file delivery, and SD quality control.

SD Editing

ADS offers both linear and non-linear Final Cut Pro® editing services to fit your every need.

SD Duplication

ADS' duplication services are second to none. Whether you need mass duplication or just a single dub, ADS delivers first time, every time. With one of the largest inventories of tape machines in the industry, we offer duplication services for all SD digital and legacy analog videotape formats, including, but not limited to: D1, D2, D3, DBC, DCT, Digital S, DVCPRO 25 & 50, DV Cam, DVD-R, Betacam/SP, HI-8mm/8mm, Mini DV, VHS, 3/4'', 3/4'' SP, 1'' and 2'' Quad.

SD Standards Conversion

ADS features the latest in conversion platforms from Snell & Wilcox, utilizing the Alchemist PhC Platinum® and DEFT® converters. Both converters deliver the high-precision performance made possible by using phase-correlation motion-estimation technology for video-based formats.

SD Closed Captioning

ADS’s experienced, cross-trained staff can meet or exceed all of your SD closed-caption encoding needs. And, because ADS has relationships with all of the major captioning vendors in Los Angeles, we can use our extended network to deliver on your most complex requirements.

SD Quality Control

True to its heritage, ADS offers 100% QC (Quality Control) for all SD tape formats. All of our QC operators are trained to detect video and audio problems for network broadcast or for other delivery formats – and to recommend and implement solutions early in the process so that you can keep to your production schedules.

Standard Definition Services


  • Linear and Non-Linear SD Editing
  • SD Duplication
  • SD Standards Conversion
  • SD Closed Captioning & Subtitling
  • SD Quality Control
  • Fiber Optic Transmission
  • Forensic Watermarking
  • Physical and Electronic Delivery



January 2, 2012
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April 12, 2011
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