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ADS partners with the largest studios to small independents in Hollywood and around the world. By providing post production services from cutting-edge 2K/4K, video-over-IP, and advanced codec systems to the largest supply of legacy audio and video machines that support near-obsolete formats, we have the breadth and scope of resources to help you meet critical deadlines, without sacrificing quality. We supply the right technology and on-staff expertise to handle your time-critical, one off or large-capacity jobs while maintaining an intimate company feel, keeping you coming back for more.

The following is a sample of the scope of work we provide for studios both domestically and internationally:

  • Asset Recovery
  • Advertising & Publicity
  • Airline Services
  • Content Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Feature Distribution
  • Home Video
  • Library Services
  • Marketing
  • Mastering
  • Non-theatrical
  • Pay per View
  • Restoration and Preservation



ADS News

December 2, 2014
ADS 20th Anniversary featured in Broadcast Beat

Hollywood, CA – Broadcast Beat Magazine highlights Advanced Digital Services' 20th Anniversary...

May 29, 2014
Advanced Digital Services Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Hollywood, CA – Advanced Digital Services, Inc.(ADS), a leading global provider of digital mastering, encoding, restoration and duplication services, celebrated today its history as one of the first post production studios in Hollywood to offer digital video and audio services now in continuous operation for over 20 years...

March 27, 2011
Fear of Shortages Drives Panic Buying of Japanese Goods

SAN FRANCISCO — Tremors from the strong Japanese earthquake continue to rattle American businesses, even those companies that have experienced no disruptions in parts or supplies...