For the past 20 years, ADS has delivered customer service excellence to more than 270 active clients, from major motion picture studios, advertising agencies, television studios, cable and streaming media companies, to ‘COD walk-ins’. No matter where you reside, how simple or complex your requirements are, we deliver 24x7, on-time and on-budget. We work with you in building out the project scope and then our customer service department works in unison with each service operator to maintain a seamless workflow that guarantees the highest level of service – all the while keeping you informed of your project's progress. This level of detail ensures that we can consider every nuance of your project and can complete the project to your exact specifications.


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ADS Celebrates 20th Anniversary

It's our 20th anniversary as one of Hollywood's finest post production studios.

Company founder Andy McIntyre opened ADS in 1994 with a mission to build the best digital services company in the industry. His vision - become Hollywood's premier post production one-stop-shop. We've succeeded, thanks to our loyal clientele, whose trust in us have kept us growing for the past 20 years.

Today, we cater to the evolving 'digital based' global audience while also servicing clients with a large investment in legacy formats. Our facility offers a wide variety of digital services including HD/SD encoding and conversion, electronic distribution and verification, closed captioning, video and audio restoration, new media services and digital duplication. We also maintain a wide array of post-production equipment capable of handling a variety of projects – from cutting-edge 4K systems to the largest working supply of legacy audio and video machines in near-obsolete formats, a must-have for many international and catalog clients.



August 1, 2017
ADS again to distribute The Voice

For the 13th consecutive season, ADS will be the distribution hub for MGM Television’s The Voice...

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